I’m Tabish and I’m a
Frontend Engineer
from Vancouver,

I like to build things that are intuitive and visually appealing, while maintaining a secure, modular, and performant architecture. I am currently open to remote work opportunities building cool things with Javascript

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I’m Tabish and I’m a frontend engineer!
I’m Tabish and I’m a Javascript Engineer from Vancouver, Canada.🇨🇦

Ive been coding with North American (Canada, USA) teams full-time for over 4 years

Frontend: Javascript (React, Redux, Vue, Vuex, SPA, PWA, MVVM, jQuery, AJAX), Webpack, HTML, CSS, SASS

Full Stack: Ruby (Sinatra and Rails), NodeJS (Express), PHP (Laravel), Python, TDD, MVC, mongoDB, Firebase, postgreSQL, mySQL, AWS, CI/CD, Heroku, GIT, System Design, UI/UX, AdobeXD, Photoshop
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Proven Track Record

Ive produced work for many high-traffic clients (250k+ monthly visitors) that gets used by lots of people. This has allowed me to solve a wide range of problems for different use-cases and business models.

I don't know everything, but I do know how to get answers --Heres one of my most popular answers onStackoverflowstackoverflow

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I’m Tabish and I’m a frontend engineer!

Latest Project

Produced for client in the Financial/Auto Loans Industry
  • Built using Vue JS for reactive data binding, performant interface
  • SPA and PWA deployed separately but integrated seamlessly
  • SPA: Server-Side Rendered (SSR) using NuxtJS (improved SEO, client-side routing)
  • PWA: Data capture with smooth animations, transitions, custom validations etc
  • PWA: State Management using Vuex
  • Traffic: 300k Monthly Visitors
  • Fully Responsive, pixel perfect HTML/CSS, Tailwind CSS
  • Integrates with backend API, GTM (Analytics), Trustpilot (Reviews)

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Tabish Khan

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